Our Services


To improve services delivery ZAWA has decide to bring closer the service stations to near by every customers. Number of station has been opened so as to serve customers with minimum and less time and efforts. Number of services are providing by these stations based upon location. Water payment, complaints reports, new water connections and many services. The following are available stations for water payments and other services.


ZAWA Head Office. Located at the heart of Zanzibar Town, nearby Tanzania Revenue Office (TRA) and opposite to famous mosque of Mabuluu. This is center of all services, management and staffs..
Other Stations Includes :

  1. Kijito upele.
  2. Mombasa.
  3. Chwaka.
  4. Koani.
  5. Mahonda.
  6. Gamba.


Also we have stations in Pemba Islands in which our customers can use them in order to get different services from theme.
These stations available at :

  1. Chakechake-Machomanne.
  2. Wete.
  3. Mkoani.
  4. Micheweni.