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Heads of Sections and Units

IT Head of Section – Mr Salim Suleiman Khatib.

Mr Salim Suleiman Khatib is a Degree holder in Computer Engineering. He is an IT Head in charge of overseeing all IT operations including Computer and Networking systems in Zanzibar Water Authority since 2012. Before this post, he was An Assistant IT Head in ZAWA. He is good in Computer Programming specialized in developing desktop applications using .Net Technology. Mr Salim is also holding Certificate in Advance Software Technology from New Delhi India.


Chief Accountant – Mrs Krista Simon Mbinga.





Human Resources – Shabani Vuai Ali





Credit Control – Mrs.Asma Ameri Issa





Cheif Internal Auditor – Mr.Kombo Haji Machano.





Customer Database & Billing – Mr Mahmoud Omar Makame





Head of Customer Services– 





Legal Officer- Shaaban Juma Shaaban  





Head of Water Resource Management- Mr. Haji Shaaban Haji

Mr. Haji Shaaban Haji he is Head section of Water Resource Management since 2013. Before this post he was an assistant Head of Water Resource Section from 2003-201. He has been appointed as counterpart in various projects like of the Project Implementation Unit for Zanzibar Urban Water Supply Development Project, funded by Government of Japan – 2007 to 2010. Currently he is engaged in Chinese funded project (Zanzibar Drilling and Water Supply Project) implemented in 5 Schemes in Northern and Central parts of Unguja Island. He is also a holder of MSc. degree in Groundwater Assessment and Management from University of Twente,The Netherlands and M. Tech Degree in Groundwater Hydrology from Indian Institutes of Technology –Roorkee (IIT Roorkee).