Director Generals Statement

Welcome to the Official Website of Zanzibar Water Authority (ZAWA). Zawa is mandated with identification, conservation and protection of water sources, production, distribution, protection and sustainability of safe and clean water in Zanzibar. This website is common source of information to all stakeholders. We invite you to click on our different link sections to see the activities and ideas that we have lined up to provide better service to our customers. Through these information, we believe that ideas can be ignited and shared between water all stakeholders not only in Zanzibar and Tanzania as a whole but also from outside of our country.

In Zanzibar, Our potable water depends on boreholes, springs and cave wells. Unfortunately for all past decades our storage reserve is only ground water. The global warming and climate change is the phenomenon which hinders ground water storage. We need to utilize our natural resource of water as if that is vanishing tomorrow.

Water is the driving force of all nature. Thank you.

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