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Monitor the construction activities for the Pemba Urban Water Schemes

Close monitoring for the construction activities for the Pemba Urban water sources and water schemes was going on. The contactor - Serengeti Ltd (under the supervision of Consultant- C.Lotti Consultant), still continues with construction activities as follows;

  • Proceeding with reinforcement and concrete works for raiser walls up to the maximum height of Mkoani and Chake-Chake elevated tanks (250m3 each on 25m raiser). For Chake- Chake tank the Contractor has started erecting the scaffolding to support the formwork for the reservoir base slab, while for Mkoani tank the Contractor is waiting for the scaffolding from Chake site.

  • Completing main concrete works for the Wete ground tanks no.1 (2,500 m3) at Taifu and no.2 (800 m3) at Mtemani. Construction of chambers for the inlets, outlets, washouts and overflows are on progress.

  • Pipe laying works at Mkoani, Wete and Chake-Chake towns has been substantially completed for the main works of lying and initial backfilling; while installation of pipe fittings is on progress.

The completion date was revised to 31st December, 2014 from 10th August, 2014.