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Handing over of Pemba Rural Water Supply Schemes

For the five Pemba Rural Water Supply schemes, the Contractor has handed over the works to the Client since 27th June, 2014 and starting Defect Liability Period, from 28th June 2014 up to 27th June 2015. During this period, the contractor with the supervision of the consultant (Hydroplan Ingenieur - Gesellschalt mbH) the contractor is contractually liable to correct or modify all breakdown and faults on project facilities and services, as observed and notified by the client.

Considering the physical feature of Pemba Island which includes lowlands and highlands areas mostly in North, the project design came up with both elevated and ground tanks which will serve both areas accordingly.

The contractor, Sinohydro Company Ltd, has completed the all five schemes construction works which comprised of 4 elevated tanks, 3 ground tanks, 14 production boreholes and supply networks. The Contractor has constructed one stand post in every scheme as an offer to Client.

Among the benefited areas of the project are; Wambaa, Mizingani, Ndagoni, Vitongoji Kambini, and neighboring areas.