About Us

The Zanzibar Water Authority (ZAWA) which was established under Act. No. 4 of 2006, is a semi-autonomous entity with the overall management of water supply services and Water Resources Management in Zanzibar. The anticipated beneficiaries are 1,161,915 people of Zanzibar as projected with an average annual growth rate of 3.5% based on 2002 population census which gave 984,625 people.The overall national coverage of water is currently at 65% at an average of daily service of 12 hrs. ZAWA has also an obligation of setting water tariffs to be collected as revenue from water supply so as to meet all direct and indirect costs of operation and maintenance including capital expansion of minor services.

Focusing on core business, ZAWA is ensuring that resources and competence are aligned to its mission. The strategic direction of ZAWA is revolving around the core business, which are central to the business of the Authority and are in line with its mandate. These core business includes:-

  • Conserving,protecting and regulating the water resources in the Country.
  • Ensuring reliable water supply services in the Country in a commercial viable manner.
  • Developing and maintaining infrastructure for water resources manager and water services provision.

Our Mission

To achieve its Vision, ZAWA has formulated a mission statement clearly encompassing its mandate as provided for the Water Act of Tanzania. ZAWA recognizes the significance of its mandate on the wider environmental considerations, on the social well being as well as on the economic activities in Zanzibar. ZAWA’s mission is :
To develop and provide potable, adequate, affordable water supply and sewerage services in a sustainable and environmentally friend manner

Our Vision

ZAWA is committed to the proper management of water in Zanzibar to the satisfaction of Government and stakeholders. In this regard, the ZAWA’s Vision is :
To be the best Water and Sewerage Service Provider in East Africa

Our Motto

Our Motto Good and dynamic business requires constant reminders to all key players of priorities and major aspiration. The reminder is effectively through business slogans and motto. In line with our Mission and given the major challenges faced, ZAWA’s Motto is: “Every Drop Counts,Use water wisely” This motto constantly brings to mind the following:-

  • The need for water resource conservation.
  • The need for optimized specific consumption.
  • The need for consumers/customers to pay each drop/liter/unit of water used.
  • The need to augment the ground water resources where feasible.